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Social Media Content

Reach more clients by having a large range of content to post often, designed for each platform’s formats – horizontal and vertical photos for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites and etc. Content photos also include empty spaces for text.

Uber Eats Formats

For the past 3 years, I have been photographing restaurants and cafes for delivery companies such as Uber Eats, The Fork, Zomato and others which makes me knowledgeable of their criteria
and guidelines.

Timeless Portfolio

Having a clean and consistent portfolio to show investors, partners and others with the
same edits, lighting and equipment make your portfolio look more professional and organised.

“The Favourites” Package

A package designed to just give you a taste. Minimalistic food shots focused on the details of each plate. This package is a great way to put the spotlight on a few of your menu’s signature dishes, favourites or new seasonal dishes to boost your social media feeds and for use on your website.


“The Full” Package

A perfect package to feature all the delicious details of your menu, from the irresistible appetisers all the way to the cherry-topped dessert. Food shots with styling use of props on location and interior design images that capture the ambience of your restaurant.

“The Candid” Package

A different type of package, to show the personality of your place through staff portraits, behind-the-scenes prep and lifestyle shots of the restaurant with customers. Focusing on your preferred tone to best represent your business brand. Preferred for Instagram reels, stories and TikTok.

“The Atmosphere” Package

This package (splittable in two days) is more than just food shots of your mouth-watering food. It also combines photographs of behind-the-scenes in the kitchen and moments of your content customers. Capturing the ambience and atmosphere that tells your story – whether it is casual, fine dining, romantic or gastro-pub.

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